Our Story

Morgan Road Studios is a mixing, producing, songwriting and audio repair facility. Showcasing the music of songwriters/producers Gerald and Bernadette Lavoie, we also offer a variety of audio solutions. We can remove background noises, hums, clicks, fret and pick noise and other repairs. We also offer pitch correction and dialogue enhancements.Of course, we can mix and master your tracks.

Gerry is the studio's technician.  An industrial electrician of over 36 years, he uses his skills to keep everything humming.  A guitar player for over four decades, he also enjoys synthesizers.  His influences are many and varied.  Not afraid of technology, he is always searching for better ways of getting the job done.  An avid songwriter, he and Bernadette spend many hours discussing how to express an idea.

Being the ninth of eleven children, Bernadette was exposed to many styles of music.  From country, French Canadian and Irish jigs to rock, she enjoyed it all.  Her husband introduced her to the blues and the great guitar playing of Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton and many more.  Her three sons brought her into the modern music, rap, hip hop, heavy metal and such.  She is thankful that her parents encouraged her to learn an instrument.  She now spends her time songwriting and drawing.

"Music is a wonderful gathering of sound to create a moment it time."